The Date-A-Base Book 2010 – on sale now!

The Date-A-Base Book 2010 is now available!

The Date-A-Base Book 2010

Now over 30% bigger, the 2010 edition contains more than 1,600 forthcoming historic anniversaries occurring throughout Jan – Dec 2010.

Ideal for all writers, journalists, film-makers, editors, producers, researchers, teachers, students, speakers and event planners.

The Date-A-Base Book is a wonderful source of ideas, and makes it extremely easy to find something interesting and significant to write about, allows plenty of time for research and writing, and helps you get your work onto editors’ desks well before the publication deadline – and ahead of everyone else! And the new 2010 edition gives you the chance to get even more of a head start on your writing, and you can now tackle longer writing projects and still finish them in time for the anniversary.

The Date-A-Base Book 2010 is available right now as an e-book. Printed copies will be available in January.

  • e-book – PDF format
    Price: £6.99 (6.99 GBP)
    ideas4writers lifetime members: £5.99 (5.99 GBP)

If you’re a member, just tick the box on the order form to claim your discount.

Just one single article sale will pay for your copy many times over!

Full details – and a complete sample chapter  – here:

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


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