Beat the credit crunch – follow-up

Several of you bought the book 20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Online that I mentioned last week. Well done. I really do hope it works for you. It certainly has for me – I’ll talk about that some more in a moment.

A couple of people (who obviously haven’t seen the book) thought it was probably just a gimmick, or would only work in America, or that the only people who would make any money out of it were the people who wrote it.

I’m seriously disappointed. Surely you know me well enough by now to know that I wouldn’t bother promoting or recommending anything that I hadn’t personally tested. I don’t do that sort of thing. I’m trying to help you. Being a cynic is all well and good – and very wise when your “bank” sends you strange emails – but it does mean that you’ll sometimes miss out on the good stuff.

I’ve had exactly the same problem trying to convince people that The Fastest Way to Write Your Book is the genuine article. It’s been on sale for over three years now, yet some people still think it sounds too good to be true and won’t touch it. Despite that, I’ve had over a hundred letters, notes, cards, emails, reviews – and even a few books – from happy readers who’ve bought it, used it, and found that it works. (Thanks for sending them in – and more are always welcome, especially the books!) If anyone is still too cynical to buy it, they’re clearly losing out.

It reminds me of a spam filter that blocks everything, including the messages you really did want to receive. I’ve talked about this before.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a quality-obsessed control freak with a guilt complex. So if I wrote it or recommended it, you can guarantee that it’s good, genuine, life-enhancing stuff.

Anyway, back to this 20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Online book . . .

Let me first assure you that every one of the 20 methods will work wherever you are in the world – even if you live in a tiny little rural town in the middle of Devon like me. None of them are gimmicks. None of them are unethical. None of them are particularly American either.

I very nearly wrote the same book myself – and in fact I started writing the outline. But I decided not to bother when I found out that it had already been done.

I think I’d have made a slightly better job of it, if I’m completely honest.

I’d have added a few additional methods that I use myself – if you’ve bought the book, email me ( and I’ll tell you what they are. If you haven’t bought it yet, buy it first, then email me.

There’s also too much jargon for the layman, in my opinion. And the steps need to be more consistently explained – you can tell it was written by several different people. A bit of proofreading wouldn’t have hurt either.

But the basic facts are all there, and it should give you plenty of leads and ideas and make you plenty of money. You can always get someone else to do it for you, if you don’t know how or can’t be bothered – the book tells you how to do this. And there are plenty of places to get extra help and advice.

Here’s my personal experience:

By using just one of the methods in the book I was able to give up work about four and a half years ago. And I did it long before this book was even written. (For those who have the book it’s the method on page 207 – I’m sure you’re familiar with it!)

I’ve stopped using that particular method to generate income (for the time being) and switched to something else – which is also in the book. It makes more money for less effort. (Pages 156 and 231.)

But I’ve now worked out a way to do the first method (page 207) in a way that requires virtually no effort. So early next year I’ll be resurrecting it as an income generator and running it in parallel with the current stuff. I might even start up a new one on a different subject as well. Or maybe I’ll get my daughter to do it – she’s 14.

Next year I’ll also be doing another method that’s in the book (Pages 23 and 57). Someone else will be doing all the work – for free. And I’ll keep half the profits – for basically doing nothing. Well, I had the idea and spent a couple of hours writing it down. And I had to find someone to do all the work – which involved sending one email. But that was my total contribution to a project that will probably make me a lot of money over the next 5 years.

I’ll also be using the method on page 213 to repackage and sell something I already have. Though I don’t plan on doing much of the selling myself. The methods on pages 12, 35, 222 and 231 should take care of that.

And very recently I’ve spotted a good opportunity to use another of the methods (page 137) that there’s a big demand for, that I can do easily, and for which the competing products are generally of poor quality. My initial trial worked perfectly. So I’ll roll that out on a much bigger scale when I’ve finished writing the books I’m currently working on. That one’s so much fun to do that it’s more like a hobby really, albeit a profitable one. And it’s a welcome break from all the writing.

So that’s 11 out of the 20 I think. All of which I can do very (very) easily. I could also do any of the others fairly easily too, but those 11 are the ones that I can do with the least effort and that interest me the most. In fact I was doing most of them on a small scale already. They just need to be expanded, as and when I decide to do it.

Once they’re set up, most of them can be left to run on their own. And they won’t even take much setting up. I just need to get a few other things out of the way first. Next year is going to be a lot of fun!

Remember, getting the book is only the first step. The second step is the one where most people give up: taking action. Just pick one of the methods and spend a day doing it, working through the blueprint exactly as it says – you’ll be amazed at how far you can get.

I couldn’t ever go back to having a real job!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,