Beat the credit crunch: 20 ways to make money online

Hello! Something a bit different for you this week.

Several of you have been telling me that you’re short of money.

  • You want to publish your book, but you can’t afford to.
  • You can’t afford to run a proper marketing campaign.
  • And of course, some of you are struggling to pay your household bills, what with this credit crunch/recession thing.

I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m always willing to help if I can – and this is something I can help you with. I’ve got something for you – something that I use myself.

It’s a 247-page e-book called “20 ways to make $100 a day online”.

$100 a day is about £65. That might not sound a lot. But this is regular income generated using simple methods that take very little time to do. See how it all stacks up:

£65 a day is £455 a week. Or £1,950 a month. Or £23,725 a year.

That’s regular income from doing some very easy part-time work – maybe an hour or two per day. You’ll easily be able to publish your book, have a fantastic marketing campaign for it, pay your bills – and still have enough left over for a nice holiday.

And that’s just from using one of the methods. There are 20 of them in the book. There’s nothing to stop you using more of them and making even more money. Several of the methods involve doing a little bit of writing. You’re already a writer, so that immediately gives you a big advantage over most other people. You can treat each day’s money-making session as a warm-up exercise before you get on with your real writing. And you can do this on top of your day job if you have one, so it’s much better – and far more rewarding – than pestering your boss for a pay rise.


I’ve got this e-book myself, and I use several of the methods in it. In fact several of these methods are the exact same ones that enabled me to give up my day job in 2004 so I could spend my time writing books. These methods still work perfectly well today, and will continue to work.

The 20 methods are all easily do-able by just about anyone with a computer. Each method is fully and properly explained by someone who’s not only an expert at it, but also a great teacher. They use these methods themselves. And all the methods WORK – day after day – to make small but regular amounts of money. There is nothing dodgy, unethical, or illegal. It isn’t a get-rich-quck scheme, pyramid marketing scam, or anything like that. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to you if it was.

This isn’t some flimsy little e-book, it’s an in-depth guide, and it’ll probably take you a few days to read it all properly. You don’t just get an overview of each method, you get a full explanation of exactly WHAT to do and exactly HOW to do it. And it’s the “HOW TO” bit that’s most important in my opinion – that’s the part that’s so often missing from other books.

With all this great information at your fingertips, all you have to do to make money is to TAKE ACTION. But that’s the bit that most people won’t do. If you’re just going to read the book, say to yourself, “That looks easy, I could do that” but then not do anything, then please don’t bother buying it, especially if you’re badly affected by the credit crunch. Because you’ll be wasting money that would be better spent on something else.

But if you would be willing to take action if it was something you could easily do and all the steps were fully explained to you, then I urge you to get this book straight away. Read it, choose one or two of the methods, and start doing them. Then all those irritating money problems will go away.

The book costs $27, which at today’s exchange rate is about £17.

If £17 sounds expensive, try looking at it another way – it’s just 85p for each method. And you will find that all 20 methods are easy to do. Your problem won’t be finding one that you can do, it’ll be deciding which one to do first!

Each method is so well covered, and the information in each chapter so valuable, that if each one was sold as a separate e-book for $27 each, they would still sell well. So you could say that you’re actually getting over $500 worth of information.

And in fact there’s also a 21st method that will earn back the cost of your book several times over with about 30 minutes’ work.

And just one more thing. I really do want you to get this book, so I’m going to give you an extra reward if you buy it – something you can really use. When you buy the e-book (by clicking on the link below) you will be sent a receipt by email. Forward a copy of your receipt to me ( and I will send you FIVE bonus e-books:

Bonus Book 1: How I Quit My Job
Bonus Book 2: The Science of Getting Rich
Bonus Book 3: 60 Effective Strategies for Selling More Books
Bonus Book 4: Book Promotion Ain’t For Sissies
Bonus Book 5: How To Create An e-Course In Only One Day

Click here to find out more “20 ways to make $100 a day online” and to buy your copy.

Don’t forget to send me a copy of your receipt, so I can send you your bonuses.

Right, that’s the credit crunch sorted – now I can get back to working on The Date-A-Base Book 2010.

Here’s to your success!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


2 thoughts on “Beat the credit crunch: 20 ways to make money online

  1. I find writing articles a very pain staking task, let alone a full blown ebook. Wouldn’t it be more time effective to outsource such things? This does sound like a good book to read, but as you stated the economy right now in the U.S. is total garbage and it is hitting ever aspect of the job community. I have added this to my bookmarks as I would like to get this but will have to wait till finances are a little more stable.

  2. Writing e-books is perfectly straightforward – just use The Fastest Way to Write Your Book.

    But yes, you could go to places like and pay someone else to write it for you. Then you could sell it as if you’d written it yourself. This can be very cost effective if the writer lives in a country with a cheaper economy. But once it’s written you still need to know how to sell it, and this book will help with that. And writing e-books (or having them written for you) is just one of the many ways of making money that is covered in the book. I strongly recommend it. These methods worked for me. As I said, I was able to give up my job in 2004 thanks to this stuff.

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