What’s stopping you from writing a book?

You really want to write a book, right?

And you probably could if you put your mind to it.

So what’s stopping you from starting it right now, right this very minute? What’s holding you back? What’s getting in the way? What problems, hurdles or challenges would you need to overcome first.

I’d really love to know your answers – it’ll help me with my marketing and maybe generate some ideas for new products that would help you.

I have some thoughts of my own, but I’m not going to share them here today, because I don’t want to prejudge your responses. I’ll share them with you in a week or two when you’ve given me your own thoughts – and it’ll be fun to see how many of your answers match the ones I came up with.

So the question is: What’s stopping you from writing a book right now?

You can either leave a comment on this blog, or email me privately at dave@ideas4writers.co.uk if you don’t want anyone but me to see your answer.

Over to you – and thanks in advance.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


8 thoughts on “What’s stopping you from writing a book?

  1. OK, you asked!

    1. My writing is rubbish so what’s the point.

    2. My writing is ok but other people will think it’s rubbish so what’s the point.

    3. My writing is good but inspiration fails me.

    4. My writing is good but the subject matter may bore people.

    5. I’m paralysed with fear (of what I don’t know, being rubbish, failure, success?).

    6. I’ve read so much advice on how to be a good writer I’m frightened to even think about it anymore – Too Much Information.

    I think that’s enough to be going on with.


  2. My writing isn’t good enough.
    Feel that I’m unable to write at all.
    Other people say it’s rubbish or they say nothing at all but give you that look.

  3. I get a ton of information from researching a project. Then I can’t put together an interesting and easily readable outline to put it all together?

    I also have read many books on writing…maybe to much information…

  4. It’s the pesky outline. It just looks so dead until I actually write the real thing. Only then do I get in the flow. But one has to have an outline, right? I never was very good at drawing maps…

  5. Looking after my two year old
    Wife disturbing me
    I have just finished writing it..now all I need is a reliable PC (not this laptop)
    It awaits my further revision/editing….

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