What if … the ultimate story starters

Another selection to inspire you – what can you do with these?

What if …

1. you had to pay to enter your own house?

2. you were double-booked?

3. the security guard failed to recognise you?

4. you campaigned to save a TV show?

5. you had no problems going up stairs but you wouldn’t go down them?

6. you were the only one around who could help?

7. you decided to emigrate?

8. you decided to live a minimalist life?

9. a priest called at your house and asked if you knew you were dead?

10. the sound of someone’s voice really bugged you?

By the way, one of the what ifs last month asked “What if the government owned all the houses?” So I was interested to see the news a few days ago that the British government is planning to give local authorities £40bn to buy unsold houses to prop up the falling housing market. I wonder where they get their ideas from? And I wonder where that £40bn has mysteriously appeared from!

Have you written something that actually happened after you had written it? The ideas4writers blog is interactive, so feel free to leave a comment and tell everyone about it!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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