Your feedback please!

If you’ve considered buying “The Fastest Way to Write Your Book” but decided not to, what put you off?

From now until the end of September we’ve added a feedback box at the bottom of the sales page where you can tell us your concerns.

We’d be ever so grateful if you could put something in the box and click the button – it’s completely anonymous, we don’t ask for your name or email address.

If the same issues crop up again and again then we’ll do something to address them. But we need you to tell us what they are first!

The page is here:
The feedback box is near the bottom.

Thank you!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


2 thoughts on “Your feedback please!

  1. Hi Dave,

    Re. your MARCH 2009 ANNIVERSARIES listing – just received.

    Anna SEWELL was the author of Black Beauty. Anna SEWARD,
    credited by you, as the author of Black Beauty, was in fact a poet!

    Regards, David Line (Ashford, Kent)

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