Dave’s new Ethical Marketing blog

As you probably know, as well as writing my own books and being an ethical publisher, I’m also heavily into marketing and selling – especially marketing and selling books of course.

I’m currently working on The Fastest Way to Sell Your Book, but I have a huge amount of highly original and innovative material left over that won’t be suitable for the book. Some of it is quite technical and assumes prior marketing knowledge. None of it is specifically about selling books but applies to marketing and selling in general. There’s a lot about online marketing. I’m sure it will be useful to somebody.

It’s taken me hundreds (probably thousands) of hours to put all this material together, so rather than waste it I’ve set up a new blog – Ethical Marketing: no tricks, just sales.

I’ll be posting the material there as and when I get time, in the form of articles and e-books.

Why ethical marketing? Well, as I’ve gone deeper into marketing, and especially internet marketing, I’ve found it to be a murky place full of copycat ideas, broken promises, poor quality products, excessive hype, trickery and gimmicks, and little thought or regard for the customers. It’s time to put this right and stop people getting ripped off – just as I did with ethical publishing.

If you know anyone who’s interested in marketing, or has their own online business, or is trying to build up their mailing list, you know where to send them!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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