Let’s design some book marketing software!

We’re thinking of producing some book marketing software – something that would make having a bestseller much easier. It would guide you and prompt you, keep records, organise your contacts, help you write press releases, and all sorts of other things. But what other things exactly? What must-have features would be on your wish list?

This is your chance to help design a useful and exciting product from the ground up. Nothing exists yet apart from some scribbled notes on a sheet of paper and a few ideas in our forums.

Your book has probably already been published – perhaps you have a garage full of them that you can’t sell. Or perhaps you’re at an earlier stage and need help constructing a convincing marketing plan that will persuade a publisher to take you on. Perhaps you’re thinking about self-publishing and wondering if you can sell enough copies on your own to make a decent profit.

What would you like the software to do for you that would make your life easier? We might be able to make it happen – ideas4writers founder Dave Haslett used to be a computer programmer, so we have the technology!

If you’re a member of ideas4writers, go to our homepage (www.ideas4writers.co.uk) log in and click on Forums on the top menu, then go to the Technology forum. In the topic called “Bestseller” you’ll find a much fuller description of what we think the software might do, and some ideas from other members. We’d love it if you added your thoughts and ideas there too.

If you aren’t a member, you can still contribute by clicking on the Comments link below. If you’d like to see our rough outline of what we think the software might do, you can request if by email from: dave@ideas4writers.co.uk

(If you aren’t in the market for marketing software, what other software would you like to see?)

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers, www.ideas4writers.co.uk


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