Why You Should Learn How to Write Books Quickly (and How to Do It)

OK, this article is a fairly shameless (but hopefully very useful) plug for The Fastest Way to Write Your Book. If you’ve already bought it (thanks!), it might inspire you to dig it out and read it again, and maybe get started on a new book or two. If you haven’t bought it yet, I hope this article will persuade you that you should – after all, a man’s got to eat! Please forward this article to your friends, family, work colleagues, teachers, writing tutors, tradesmen, and other acquaintances – anyone who has ever mentioned within your earshot that they might one day write a book. They’ll thank you for it in the end. (And so will I.)

Why You Should Learn How to Write Books Quickly
(and How to Do It)
By Dave Haslett

You can easily learn how to write professional full-length novels, non-fiction books and e-books in a fraction of the usual time, without compromising on quality, quantity or your artistic integrity. In fact the words in your book will be exactly the same, whether you spend two weeks or two years writing them. Here are 12 reasons why you should learn the fastest ways to write good books. And at the end of the article I’ll tell you how you can learn to do it.

1. You can fill a gap in the market as soon as you spot it, and beat your competitors into print

In a case like this, time really matters. The first book to reach the market is usually the one that dominates it, and if you can write your book in days or weeks while everyone else takes months, you’ll have the market to yourself for a very long time. Not only will yours be the only book available, it’ll have plenty of time to establish itself as the “industry standard”.

2. You can latch onto current trends before they go out of fashion

If you start writing about something that’s in fashion now but you take a year to finish it, by the time your book is ready the market will have moved on and you’ll have missed out. Once again, time really matters – you need to hit the market while it’s still growing or at its peak, not when it’s waning. You can also write books about forthcoming events and have them on sale in plenty of time.

3. You can make a lot of money in a short time

This is especially true of e-books. You can quickly write a ton of e-books and sell them on your website. Or make them available on ClickBank.com where thousands of people are looking for great products to sell on your behalf. And the great thing about e-books is they cost you nothing!

4. You can produce a lifetime’s work in a couple of years

The average writer takes an entire lifetime to write one shelf of books, and most don’t even manage that many. They soon come to realise that one lifetime just isn’t long enough to write all the books they have plans and ideas for. Frustrating isn’t it! But if you knew how to write books ten times faster, that wouldn’t be a problem. (You still won’t run out of ideas though!)

5. You can fit your writing around your busy lifestyle and reclaim your freedom

Many writers shut themselves away from their friends and family for months at a time and give up much of their social lives completely. (I’ve done it myself.) While everyone else is out enjoying themselves, the poor writer stays at home and slaves over a hot computer*. And they only write one book a year. By learning the fastest ways to write your book you won’t need to shut yourself away at all. You can reclaim your social life, rediscover your friends, and still write several books each year. Do you remember what life used to be like before you became a writer?

(*By the way, your computer will run a lot cooler – and often less noisily – if you clear the dust from the air vents and fan once a year.)

6. Freedom from guilt

Are you missing out on quality time with your children or other members of your family? Did you miss your child’s first steps or first words because you’d shut yourself away to write? Do you feel guilty about not being able to spend as much time with them as you should? Do they ask you to read to them or help with their homework, but you’re too busy writing? If you knew a much faster way to write your books you could start putting things right before it’s too late.

7. You’re never too busy to write a book

You can easily find enough time to write several books a year if you go about it in the right way, no matter how busy you life is. Seriously. You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle, and any small changes will only last a few weeks at most until you’ve finished your book. For example you can cut down on the cleaning, record TV shows, save up your newspapers and magazines, and skip a couple of gym sessions. Catch up with it all when your book is done.

8. Massively increased chance of getting published – or becoming a bestseller

Some of your books will undoubtedly sell much better than others. Some might not do very well at all. But if they only took a few days or weeks to write it really doesn’t matter – it’s not as if you slaved over your book for a year or more only to have it flop. You’ll write plenty of others that will more than make up for it, and perhaps even have a couple of bestsellers. With all those books on the market you’re vastly increasing the chances that one or more of them will hit the big time. If you haven’t yet found a publisher, all those books circulating between publishers and agents will also increase your chances of being discovered and accepted. And of course you’ll be adding more and more books to those in circulation as you write them, which will certainly get their attention! Even if you don’t find a publisher, you can always publish them yourself or turn them into e-books.

9. Increased rate of learning

As any writing tutor will tell you, the more you write the better you become. You’ll get better a lot sooner if you learn how to write your books ten times faster.

10. Readers will buy more of what you write

Each book acts as a sales tool for the others. If you have two books on sale, you double your market exposure – someone who comes across one of your books might well buy the other one too. (This is why publishers like signing up authors for multi-book deals.) But what if you had ten or twenty books out there? Or more? Readers will be far more likely to discover you, and many of them will buy several of your books, if not the complete set. If you don’t know how to write books quickly then writing this many books could take you a lifetime. But if you know the secrets you could easily have the whole lot written and on sale within a year or two.

11. Writing quickly buys you the freedom to write slowly!

Many writers enjoy the luxury of taking their time over their books. They like to let their characters find their own way without following any kind of outline, and if things don’t work out they can scrap it and backtrack. They like to tinker endlessly with the text, rewrite it over and over, spend days finding the perfect word or phrase, try out different writing styles, and so on. But this really is a luxury, and something you can only do if you have another source of income. If you want to write like that, my suggestion would be to learn how to write books quickly, get several books out in the marketplace earning you money, and then use that money to fund your more leisurely writing.

12. There’s no time to get bored

Thousands of people start writing a book each year, but most never finish it – or even get close to finishing. Why? Simply because it takes so long that they get bored with it and want their social lives back. The story might actually be an excellent one, the writing insightful and the characters compelling. But the world will never know. If they knew about the fast way to write their books, they’d get their books finished, they’d enjoy writing them, and they wouldn’t get bored – and they might even write some more!

By now I’m sure you’re eager to learn the fastest ways to write great books, as well as how to come up with good ideas, combine them into a workable outline, edit your books quickly, and sell them – while avoiding writers block, finding plenty of time to write, and perhaps even persuading other people to do some (or all) of the work for you.

The fastest way to write your bookWhat you need is The Fastest Way to Write Your Book. This entertaining, inspiring and very readable book tells you exactly how to do it, and is available in paperback or e-book versions from www.ideas4writers.co.uk, or from Amazon.co.uk, or can be ordered from any UK bookshop.

(Be sure to check out the reviews!)

Dave Haslett is the founder of ideas4writers.co.uk (the ideas and inspiration website), and i4w2.co.uk (the award-winning ethical publishing service).

You are welcome to reproduce this article anywhere you like as long as you use the entire article including the book and author details at the end.


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