Get your book published! (workshop)

Don’t forget that we are running a one-day “Get Your Book Published” workshop in Exeter on Saturday 28th June. At the time of writing there are just 3 places remaining so you’ll need to book quickly if you want to come along.

As part of a small group of eight, you’ll have Dave’s undivided attention for six whole hours – for the bargain price of just £25.

You can expect plenty of expert knowledge and inside secrets, and then you’ll work on your approach to publishers and agents, covering letter, synopsis or proposal, marketing plan, and much more, under Dave’s guidance and supervision.

If you’re looking for a mainstream or independent publisher and don’t want to get rejected, or if you’re thinking about self-publishing and could do with some advice and guidance from someone who’s done it successfully, this is the perfect workshop for you – and a very sound investment!

For full details see

If the workshop is over-booked and there is sufficient interest we’ll run it again at a later date. We can also run it elsewhere in the UK if you can get 8 people together for a day.

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


2 thoughts on “Get your book published! (workshop)

  1. I would be interested if a course was run nearer to where I live RG9 4BW (Henley-on-Thames) or venue closer to me.

    Many thanks

    Kind Regards


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