Members’ News – April 2008

ideas4writers member Wendy Green has just had her first book published – ‘The Greatest Slimming & Healthy Living Tips in the World’.

The book is packed with tips based on the latest scientific research and proven techniques and reveals how small behavioural, dietary and lifestyle changes can result in big improvements in your shape, health and fitness. 

The Greatest Slimming & Healthy Living Tips in the World is in hardback, 160 pages, RRP £6.99 and can be bought online at

Also available from, Waterstones and other book shops.

If you’re a member of ideas4writers and you’d like your news included in this section please drop us a line at

You can tell us about your new book, anything you’ve had published, any competitions or awards you’ve won or been shortlisted or a runner-up in, if you’ve been featured in any newspapers or magazines or on TV or radio, launched a new website or blog, book signings, courses you’ve run, workshops or talks you’ve given, etc.If ideas4writers or one of our books, such as The Fastest Way to Write Your Book was a contributing factor in your success then obviously we want to know about that too!

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers,


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