Book marketing success

Congratulations to ideas4writers member Geoff Anderson, who wisely chose to use our ethical publishing service i4w2 for his fantastic novel “The Legend Of Aranrhod”.

Aranrhod has just been shortlisted for the marketing prize in this year’s David St John Thomas Charitable Trust Self-publishing Awards.

Geoff will be off to the awards ceremony in London at the end of April – and once again we’ll be keeping our fingers and toes tightly crossed for a win (and a very nice trophy!)

Geoff’s first print run of 1,000 copies has completely sold out and we’ve just ordered another batch. Hopefully they’ll be delivered in time for this year’s Blagovest Ensemble tour, which begins mid-April. Geoff will be hitting the road once again as their UK tour manager – and selling his book at each venue.

More about The Legend Of Aranrhod here:

Geoff’s Aranrhod blog is here:

And more about our ethical publishing service here:

Dave Haslett, ideas4writers.


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