The Date-A-Base Book 2008 – on sale now!

The Date-A-Base Book 2008 is now on sale!

It contains over 1,300 forthcoming historic anniversaries occurring throughout Jan – Dec 2008, and is ideal for all writers, journalists, film-makers, editors, producers, researchers, teachers and students.

If you’re familiar with our monthly date-a-base lists on the ideas4writers website and in our newsletter then you’ll know exactly what to expect. This book not only covers the entire year 2008, it also expands on our standard lists, with around 100 entries per month instead of the usual 40 – 50. (If you aren’t familiar with the date-a-base, have a look at the sample chapter and you’ll soon see how useful it is.)

The Date-A-Base Book is a wonderful source of ideas, and makes it extremely easy to find something interesting and significant to write about, allows plenty of time for research and writing, and helps you get your work onto editors’ desks well before the publication deadline – and ahead of everyone else!

It’s available in both e-book and printed editions:

  • Printed copy – A4 format, 56 pages with card cover
    Non-members: £6.99 (6.99 GBP)
    ideas4writers lifetime members: £5.99 (5.99 GBP)
  • e-book – PDF format
    Non-members: £4.99 (4.99 GBP)
    ideas4writers lifetime members: £3.99 (3.99 GBP)

If you’re a member, just tick the box on the order form to claim your discount.

Just one single article sale will pay for the book many times over.

Full details – and the complete sample chapter for April 2008 – here:

The 2009 edition should also be available from the end of November.


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