Happy Birthday ideas4writers!

We are 5 years old today!

In the last year we’ve completely relaunched the service. We’ve kept the thousands of ideas, what if’s, writing engines, etc, that were already on our website (in the members’ section). But we’re now focusing on publishing our own books and helping other people self-publish theirs – ethically of course.

It’s taken us a while to get this up and running properly, but it’s gradually starting to build up momentum now.

We enter our 6th year with nearly 750 members – very few of whom contribute to the forums (where are you all? Do you even read these messages? Say hello!)

Our small team has expanded by two in the last year with the joining of Imogen the artist and Jo the editor. We’re hoping to add another PR/marketing/publicity guru in the near future – and we’re still open to applications.

We also launched the ideas4writers blog at:

The Fastest Way to Write Your Book” continues to sell steadily, and has now been joined by Geoff Anderson’s “The Legend Of Aranrhod” which is also doing brilliantly.

We’ll have another i4w2 book out in September – Katherine Reynolds’s children’s book “Born to Dance“. Towards the end of the year we should finally see the launch of the hotly-anticipated Date-A-Base book of forthcoming anniversaries. And hopefully there will be another i4w2 book out just in time for Christmas.

As for 2008 … well we’ve got a ton of books to write and publish, and lots of other projects to work on, all of which we’re extremely excited about. Finding the time to do them all is another matter! But at least we won’t get bored.

Thank you all for your continued support. Don’t forget that you can help us and our authors by telling people about the website and the books we publish, and by writing reviews on websites such as Amazon.co.uk. We’d be awfully grateful!


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