Know a good link for writers?

We’ve revamped our links page over at the ideas4writers website, organising the links into categories rather than just listing the whole lot in alphabetical order. This means we now have much more scope for expanding the links page and adding a lot more links – and we can split it off into separate pages for each category if the need arises.

If you’re a writer or you run a website for writers and would like to have a link to your website listed there (you’ll put a link to ideas4writers on your own website in exchange of course!) please let me know. Send in a short description of yourself or the site (no more than a couple of lines please). See if you can squeeze in a compelling reason for people to visit your site too! Why should they click on the link to your site rather than somebody else’s?

If you don’t run a website yourself but know of any good ones that we haven’t listed, then please let me know about them. We only want good ones though!

You can email me at or leave a comment on this blog.

If you’re linking to us in exchange (thanks!) here are some sample links you can use (or feel free to use your own).

Short version:
The ideas and inspiration website for all writers. Hundreds of great ideas to inspire and improve your writing… and much more. A fantastic resource for all writers!

Longer version:
The ideas and inspiration website for all writers. Offering ideas, inspiration, advice and technical support to writers around the world. Hundreds of ideas to inspire and improve your writing, plus what ifs, historic anniversaries, writing engines, critique forum, discussion forums, writers’ bookshop, writing questions answered, computer & word processor support and much more. Also includes a dedicated support forum for Writers Bureau students.


One thought on “Know a good link for writers?

  1. I thought your writers might be interested in my Perspectives Magazine website. It’s geared for:

    New or published writers looking to stretch their imaginative ability by giving animals and inanimate objects human qualities. Observe and write about the world through an object’s perspective.


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