Computer problems :-(

Apologies for the lack of blogging for the last couple of weeks. Major computer problems here. I thought it was a dodgy graphics card, so I bought a new one. I now have a different problem, but the same result: the computer reboots itself or the screen goes blank and it needs to be rebooted. This only happens when I try to do anything important of course. Sometimes it’ll run for hours, but as soon as I try sending an important message rather than a “chat” one, it immediately locks up. Sometimes when it reboots there’s a message about the CPU speed being wrong.

So it sounds like a more serious problem than just a graphics card. Could be the motherboard, the processor, the power supply, maybe even the memory. I’m not buying replacements for all of those just so I can swap them over and see which it is. So it’s off to the repair shop on Tuesday (typical – a bank holiday just when I could do without one!) If they can’t fix it then it’s a new PC. And that means Vista I guess.

I’d rather have waited a few more months until they sort out all the problems with that – there are still too many Vista horror stories flying around. I’m crossing everything that the shop can sort it out.

Meanwhile I’m on my elderly laptop. It’s v-e-r-y- – s-l-o-w. I’ve plugged in the big screen, keyboard and mouse, and installed all the essential software, so it still sort of feels like I’m using the poorly PC. Only much much slower.


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