Talented illustrator joins our team

i4w2 – our ethical self-publishing service – continues to thrive and expand, and we’ve just recruited another new member to our truly talented team.

Please welcome Imogen Hallam, artist and illustrator extraordinaire.

Imogen has just produced her first book cover for us and it’ll blow you away when you see it (in June probably). The author of the book in question is jumping for joy. Quite right too. Welcome aboard Imogen!

For more details please visit our ethical self-publishing website:


One thought on “Talented illustrator joins our team

  1. As the author in question, I can vouch for my joy-jumping. I gave her written briefs for two different approaches to the cover, and Imogen was able to transpose them perfectly into pictures. It was as though she’d used the words to see into my mind, quite uncanny. After a couple of stages of amendments, Imogen produced a stunning final image – and I was even allowed to choose the medium she used.

    People still judge books by their covers, sad but true – perhaps truer than ever in this visual age. So for i4w2 to have a cover artist of Imogen’s calibre on their team, well it’s tremendously important.

    Quite a coup, Dave!

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