Online radio stations and broadband upgrades

Writing my new book involves a great deal of cutting, pasting, sorting and very basic maths. Which leaves most of my brain free to do other things. So I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 7 online ( There’s a good selection of old comedy shows from the 1970s and 80s, and you can use the Listen Again facility to listen whenever you like rather than when they’re being broadcast. This is particularly useful as I’m semi nocturnal and there tends to be very little on during the wee small hours.

There are hundreds of other radio stations available online of course, including local radio, national radio, and radio stations abroad. And there are some radio stations that only broadcast on the internet.

Please leave a comment if you’ve found any really good ones – I’d be very interested!

You’ll need a broadband connection with unlimited data usage course. I wouldn’t have dreamed of listening to this sort of thing when I had the 2Gb monthly cap – which wasn’t so very long ago.

Fortunately my Internet Service Provider (ISP) advertised a new package, offering the same connection speed for the same price, but unlimited instead of capped, and with free weekend phone calls thrown in. How could I refuse? Although this was only advertised to new subscribers, it was open to everyone, so I simply logged into my account, clicked the upgrade button, selected the new package, and the job was done.

It’s worth checking what rates are being advertised by your ISP at the moment. You might find that you can get a much better deal – lower monthly fee, higher connection speed, a bigger cap or none at all, and free phone calls or other nice-to-have extras, in the few seconds that it takes to log in and click the upgrade button. No need to change suppliers or email addresses or anything like that. They won’t usually tell you about the new rates of course – it’s up to you to discover them for yourself.

If you’ve only just got broadband you’re probably stuck with your current tariff for the first 12 months. After that you should be able to switch tariffs whenever you like.


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