A better Notepad

While working on the next book I needed a better version of Notepad that would work with foreign character sets properly.

The best one I could find was EditPad Pro (www.editpadpro.com). There’s also a free (for non-commercial use) version called EditPad Lite (www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html)

Both versions come with several additional features that have proven immensely useful. For example you can open several text files at once and they appear on separate tabs (just like in Internet Explorer 7). You get unlimited levels of undo, rather than the single one that Notepad gives you. There’s a proper search and replace facility. It knows how to read Unix-style text files (Notepad makes a terrible mess of them). And you can get it to display line numbers.

But the facility I’ve got the most benefit from is the ability to jump between editing points. This is a terrific boon when you’re copying and pasting a long list of items to different parts of a file and need to get back to the list to pick up the next item. Press Shift+F5 and you’re there. Shift+F5 again and you’re taken back to the place where you pasted the previous item. No more scrolling! Wonderful. This function alone has saved me many hours.

The Pro version adds additional features including a built-in spell checker, it understands several programming and scripting languages and can colour the code according to the correct syntax, there’s a clipboard that can hold multiple items instead of just one, it can compare two files and report the differences, it records and plays back macros (a sequence of keystrokes and commands), and much more.

Highly recommended and well worth a look!


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