Born on a slow news day

While continuing work on my book of forthcoming historic anniversaries I took a few moments to look at what happened on the day I was born. Unfortunately it turned out to be what media folks call a slow news day.

The best I could come up with was that The Beatles held the top 5 spots in the American pop chart and somebody I’ve never heard of opened a sandwich shop.

So then I had a look to see who else was born that day. Those listed in Wikipedia are:

David Cross, an American actor and comedian. I’d never heard of him so I looked him up and found him to be overly opinionated and offensive. Not someone I’d like to meet.

Branco, a Brazilian football player. I’m not into football so I’ve never heard of him either.

Sertab Erener, a Turkish singer who once won Eurovision. Oh dear, this isn’t going very well is it.

Robbie Rist, an American child actor who was in the Brady Bunch and Big John, Little John. Oh, hang on, I used to watch that. Now doing voices for animations. Oh well. Nice try anyway.

All in all 4/4/64 seems to have been a dead loss as far as history is concerned. Perhaps it’s up to me to put it on the map! Well, I’ll do my best.

See if you have better luck with your date of birth. Go to Wikipedia ( and enter the year of your birth in the search box, then look up the day and month of your birth to see if anything noteworthy happened. Scroll a little further down the page to see if anyone you’ve heard of shares your date of birth.


One thought on “Born on a slow news day

  1. Nothing nor nobody on my birthdate, which leaves it wide open for me to fill, since the odds on several famous people on the same date must be slim. How many is it you need in an audience before being sure there’ll be three sharing a birthday? I believe it’s something ridiculously low, like 70. Statistics are a dark art.

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