Competition winner

The winner of our write-a-review competition was Patricia Livingston, who has won one of the marvellous prizes from our prize cupboard. Entrants were asked to write a review of “The fastest way to write your book” and post the review on We chose then winner at random from those who entered.

You can read Patricia’s review and those of the other entrants here:

If you’ve already bought a copy of “The fastest way to write your book” we’d be enormously grateful if you could submit a review to Amazon (click on the link above) or send us some feedback (or leave a comment here) that we could include on the Testimonials page on our own site: 

If you’d like to buy a copy of the book via Amazon we recommend clicking on the New and Used links on the books’ page. You can then order a new copy from us (ideas4writers) or a used copy from one of the other sellers. We’ve also put some b-grade copies (new but with scratches or creases on the cover) in the Used section.

If you order from us you should receive your copy within 24 hours (3-5 days outside the UK). If you order from Amazon themselves then it’ll take a couple of weeks as they have to order it from us first. We don’t let Amazon keep copies in stock as they charge a fortune. We’d actually end up making a loss on each copy they sold.

Naturally, the best way to order the book is from our own website ( where you’ll also get free UK postage.


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